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February Pre-K Newsletter


First Steps Day Care February Newsletter Graphic ImageThese winter months seem to be moving smoothly. I hope that everyone is enjoying the winter weather and are able to stay warm and cozy. 

One of the big topics that we will discuss this month will be Valentine’s Day. We will discuss friendship and talk about the love that we have for our friends and family.  We will make cards for our loved ones, using different colors such as red, pink, and white. We will also use the heart shape to do many art and math activities. As a class, we will have a celebration on February 12th. We will pass out Valentine’s Day cards and have a special snack.

The month of February brings Groundhog Day. We will discuss groundhogs and their habitats, read stories about Groundhog Day, and take a class poll to see who thinks the groundhog will see his/her shadow. This celebration will include activities like shadow painting, shadow puppets, and shadow dancing.
First Steps Day Care February Newsletter Graphic Image

After Valentine's Day, we will go into Dinosaurs! We will talk about different kinds of dinosaurs and other prehistoric creatures. We will pretend we are archeologists and dig up dinosaurs from the dirt. Additionally, we will learn about the life of dinosaurs, their habitats, and what they ate.

Alphabet recognition will also continue this month. Puppets, stories and games will continue to aid in the children’s recognition. The letters that we have already studied will also be reviewed. 

Enjoy the rest of the winter, have fun playing outside and staying warm inside!  If you have any questions or concerns please talk to me, you may call me at school or email me at
First Steps Day Care February Newsletter Graphic Image 


Warmest Wishes,

“Miss Jessica” LaFera


February Preschool Newsletter

First Steps Day Care February Newsletter Graphic ImageFebruary is Dental Health month.  We will host special guests who will teach us about the importance of healthy teeth.  February brings us new ways to explore the world around us.  Will the Groundhog see its shadow or not? We will make some predictions and then check to see how accurate we were.  Next we turn our attention to Valentine’s Day and will hear stories about friends, valentines, and unconditional love. “Reading” the pictures, listening to the words and expanding on what we know all add to the children’s developing phonemic and print awareness as well as their letter recognition, vocabulary and language skills.  Each week the children are excited to think of words that begin with the letter of the week sound, demonstrating an understanding of individual letter sounds and how this helps us to communicate and read.  Valentine’s Day presents a great opportunity to encourage and enhance sight word recognition as we make and sign cards for special friends and family.  Our own names, our friend’s names, Mom, Dad, Grandma, Grandpa, and I love you are all important sight words which many of the children are learning and mastering.  We model usage of upper and lower case letters appropriately, as this helps the children to see the shapes of words.  Beginning letter recognition and word shapes are an important way we recognize our sight words!  This month we will introduce the letters X/x, V/v, Y/y and K/k.

We will celebrate Valentine’s Day with a Valentine card exchange with classmates and a special snack on Thursday 2/12 and Friday 2/13.  Each child is invited to send in 22 signed valentine’s cards to exchange with friends.  Please encourage your child to sign each card, even if it is only the first letter of their name!  They are practicing writing their names each day at school, and this is one more authentic opportunity to practice that skill!  (No need to address the cards as each child gets one.)

First Steps Day Care February Newsletter Graphic ImageDuring the last two weeks of the month we will enjoy some time with dinosaurs!  Through books, posters and dramatic play, we will explore dinosaur environments, specific attributes, relationships and brainstorm about why there are no dinosaurs alive today (and wouldn’t it be cool if there were!).  We will also be thinking about what is fact and what is fiction.  So many things to discover!  

Preschool will be closed on Monday, Feb. 16 for President’s Day.  Our classroom temperatures vary, so it is a good idea to dress your child in layers so he/she can be comfortable in each space.   Weather permitting; we go outside to play every day.  It is important that the children have hats, mittens, warm coats, snow pants and boots here each day.  If your child wears boots to school, please send some sneakers in for inside play.

Happy Winter!

Ginny Workstus and the preschool team   

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