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May Pre-K Newsletter

Dear Families,

Wow, Can you believe it's May? It is now the last few months of the school year, but we are still in for many exciting activities and learning opportunities.  First Steps Newsletter Graphic

The beginning of the month brings us Mother's Day.  We will be celebrating the love that we have for our mother.  We will discuss that all moms are special including, moms of animals, birds, etc. Included in this unit will be a discussion on family relations, routines, and traditions. We will talk about what a family consists of, and how our families are the same and different. We will also work on a special project, but shhh, don't ask too many questions!

During the month of May, we will also be discussing different types of insects.  We will be learning about insects, and their habitats.  We will talk about many different varieties, but will mostly be focusinFirst Steps Newsletter Graphicg on caterpillars and butterflies.  We will learn that caterpillars make a chrysalis and they emerge butterflies.  It is an exciting process that we will be able to watch first hand.  Our classroom will be lucky enough to receive some caterpillars that we will be able to watch turn into beautiful pink lady butterflies.   Some stories that we will read during this unit will be, Diary of a Worm, Bugs!, and The Very Hungry Caterpillar.”  

We will also learn what it takes to be a responsible pet owner. We will learn about animals and how to care for pets. We will learn what responsibilities are needed and what a veterinarian’s job entails. We will then open a veterinarian office in our classroom!

This looks like a great month, and I believe that the children will have fun with the different themes this month.  If you have any questions, please ask. 

“Miss Jessica” LaFera


First Steps Newsletter Graphic

May Preschool Newsletter

First Steps Newsletter GraphicWe begin the month of May thinking about families, especially our mothers on Mother’s Day!  Shhh…. Don’t ask too many questions as we will be busy making a special gift!   Pet week follows, and you are invited to schedule a time to bring your pet to school for a brief visit with the children.  (New licensing regulations state that we must have proof of all shots being up to date to allow pets to visit the class.)  We will learn about the many animals that make good pets, and what it takes to care for pets.  We use our senses everyday to help us learn and play!  The children are busy entomologists in the science center: using magnifying glasses to observe bug boxes and life cycle specimens, measuring with rulers, drawing pictures of bug body parts and documenting what they learn. First Steps Newsletter Graphic All these activities give us plenty of opportunity to hypothesize, observe, investigate and discover.  Mark your calendars and I hope all of you will join us for our spring field trip into the world of bees, honey and apple blossoms at Montgomery Place Orchard on Wednesday, June 3!  Look for the sign-up sheet to accompany us as a chaperone!  Sharing letters this month include: B, P, R and S.

Learning is so much fun at First Steps!  Our understanding and vocabulary broadens through all this “science work.”  Our math skills are strengthened through counting, set building, one to one correspondence, seriation, daily calendar activities, adding and subtracting to groups, and noticing sizes, shapes, differences and similarities. Our listening (receptive language) skills are strengthened through stories, songs, sharing time, art activities and gymnastics class. Our speaking (expressive languageFirst Steps Newsletter Graphic) skills are strengthened through retelling stories, sharing time, art expression, dramatic play and open discussions.  Pre-reading skills are strengthened as we recognize our friend’s sign-in names, read books during quiet reading time, observe the context clues of a story being read to the whole group, label art work, read the menus and write our friends orders as we play restaurant in the house center.  Our physical skills are strengthened as we climb, swing, pedal bicycles, throw and kick balls, run and jump - having lots of fun.  I look forward to speaking with each of you about the wonder-filled growth we have observed in your children this year!  Please note that our spring parent- teacher conferences are scheduled for Tuesday, May 5 (morning) and Wednesday, May 6 (afternoon).  Once posted, please be sure to sign up for a conference time! 

Ginny Workstus

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