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October Pre-K Newsletter

I cannot believe that September has finished and that we are now in October! The first month of school went wonderfully; it was a very busy and successful month! The children have come a long way and are beginning to understand that learning is fun. They are becoming comfortable with the routines of school and thriving in the classroom. 

During the first few weeks of October we will continue with our theme of “Having Fun with Apples.” We will learn all about apples. We will do a lot of activities that involve apples. I plan to immerse apples into many of our daily activities. Some of these activities include reading about apples, art projects, and using apples as a discovery tool in math and science.  

We will also discuss fire safety, and the importance of what to do in an emergency. We will learn about firemen, fire trucks, and other key emergency occupations and vehicles. While these topics are being discussed the children will become aware of what to do if there is ever an emergency. 

This is also a month where many changes in the weather occur. We will watch the changes, and see that the autumn season is beginning. We will talk about autumn colors, pumpkins and watch as the leaves fall to the ground. We will use these findings in many of our activities and projects. This unit will conclude with Halloween topics and activities. On Friday, October 31st, the children are invited to bring their costumes to school, and we will parade through the neighborhood!

In addition to the activities and themes listed above, the learning centers will be open daily to encourage the children to use their own creative ideas. These centers, the reading center, the art center, dramatic play, the science and math discovery center, and the block center may be filled with items related to the theme we are studying. Each one of these centers will be used to support learning through play.

I encourage open communication. We are all players in your child’s pre-k education; if you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact me.    

I am anticipating an exciting month, with many fun filled days of learning. Happy fall, everyone!

“Miss Jessica” LaFera

October Preschool Newsletter

We have had a great start to our new school year!  Each day the children become more aware and comfortable with the routine of their day.  We continue to emphasize what will happen next and recall what we have completed, giving the children a sense of control over their day as well as predicting our routine and the passage of time.  During our 9:15am ‘morning meeting’ circle time, we cover several things: we notice who is here and who is missing, we find out who will be job helpers for the day, and we hear about what choices we may make during guided free play center time.  Thank you for working hard to ensure your child’s early arrival so they can participate in this “gathering together” time.  Arriving before morning meeting also eases morning separations as the teachers are available to support each child individually. 

The All About Me” backpack continues its journey to all our friends’ homes.  This is one of our favorite ways of learning more about each other.  All the children are very excited about getting a turn, so be on the lookout for that special backpack in your child’s cubby!  Please be sure to bring it and their special poster to school on your child’s scheduled VIP school day so we can keep it moving.  Many friends are waiting for their turns!  We are working on expressive language, receptive language and patience! 

We begin October cooking up lots of apple activities. We will put our scientist hats on to do some weather watching, noticing seasonal changes; especially the leaves!  Collecting, sorting, painting, printing; raking, jumping, whirling, twirling~ leaves are falling!  What else is changing as we venture through the month of October?  See the squirrels gathering their nuts?  See the birds flocking together?  So much to notice!  Throughout the month we will talk about ways we keep ourselves safe and what to do in an emergency - dial 911!  We hope a fire truck and ambulance will visit, as these visits help our little ones dispel some of their fears about emergency vehicles and personnel.  We invite you to come in and talk to us about your job as we imagine the many career choices there are for us to dream about!  Finally, we get to Halloween!  We will enjoy lots of seasonal snacks, pumpkin art projects, and dress up play.  Mark your calendars:  Friday, Oct. 31 at 10:45am ~ all families are invited to join us for a Halloween Costume Parade and trick or treat trek to friends in our First Steps neighborhood!

Happy Fall!
Ginny Workstus and the preschool team!


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