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March Pre-K Newsletter

Hello! March is finally here! Like the saying goes “March comes in like a lion and out like a lamb,” I hope to see a tiny bit of spring-like weather and less of winter
We will begin the month with one of our favorite authors, Dr. Seuss. We will read many Dr. Seuss stories, and celebrate his birthday! The children will participate in art projects, activities, songs, poems, and a play. 

Tuesday, March 1st will be polka dot day. Will you wear polka dots? Wednesday, March 2n will be Wacky Wednesday. I will dress up in a crazy way and invite the children to do the same! How wacky can you be? 

The circus will also be at first steps this month! We will practice our coordination and work on strengthening our muscles. There will be activities with clowns, acrobats and circus animals. We will also participate in  “A day in the big top” circus celebration with Mrs. Workstus’ class.  The 17th is St. Patrick’s Day! We will have a lot of green activities, green clothing, and maybe a green snack. 
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First Steps Newsletter GraphicsTowards the end of March will be filled with science and observing the world around us! We will begin by exploring space. We will have a discussion that explains space and the planets and focuses on planet Earth. Also, we will read fiction and nonfiction books on space throughout the week. We will discuss key vocabulary: day, night, the stars, the Moon, and the Sun. 

Alphabet recognition will continue this month with puppets, stories, and games, which continue to aid in the children's recognition. The letters that we have already learned will also be reviewed. 
Hello Spring, Goodbye Winter!

“Miss Jessica” LaFera

March Preschool Newsletter

We begin March with a week of silly Dr. Seuss stories!  We will read Put Me In the Zoo and enjoy Polka Dot Day on Tuesday, March 1.  We invite all the children to wear polka dots and we will eat a polka dot snack!  Wednesday, March 2, we will have a mixed-up, wacky day, reading the story of Wacky Wednesday!  Children are invited to dress up in any mixed up, backwards, crazy way they desire!   During the weeks of March 7th – March 18th, the First Steps Circus will be our theme.  The children will hear stories, make plans for and practice circus tricks, including hopping, balancing, forward rolls, and jumping through the ‘hoop of fire’!   On Tuesday, March 15th, we will ride our imaginary circus train into the “big top” (big room) to perform our tricks!  On Thursday, March 17th, we will have some St. Patrick’s Day fun and wear green.  We will enjoy lots of green shamrock art projects and stories of tricky leprechauns!   Picture Day is Wednesday, March 16th. 

First Steps Newsletter GraphicsWe will slow things down and catch our breath as we search for signs of early spring and enjoy gentle stories about bunnies, chicks and colorful eggs during the week of March 21st – March 23rd.  We complete our month with some out of this world exploration as we learn about space!  We will learn about stars and planets; astronauts and space ships, our sun and moon!  We will explore gravity, and how it helps us to stay in place!  We will be thinking about opposites and what is fact and what is fiction.

First Steps Newsletter GraphicsDuring our circle times, the children have lots of opportunity to work on their expressive and receptive language skills through the weather, calendar and sharing time each day.  They also have plenty of opportunities to work on pre-reading skills as we enjoy songs and stories together throughout the day.  We “read” the illustrations, recognizing context clues and teaching interpreting skills, we predict what might happen next, we sequence events, we summarize, and we evaluate the story (fiction/ non-fiction; liked/disliked, etc.).  We are noticing that the children’s attention spans are lengthening, and respect for one another’s opinions is evident in their attentive listening.  We hope you have noticed that the children are recognizing their names in print.  Many can also read their friends names!  It is such a joy to watch the children discover that all those straight, curvy and diagonal slide lines have meaning.  Making cards to exchange on Valentine’s Day seems to us to be a celebration not only of good friends but also the unlocking of this great mystery – printed language!  This month we will introduce the letters O, C, E and Q.

Please mark your calendars with all the special dates listed above!  First Steps is closed Thursday and Friday, March 24th and March 25th for spring break!  Thank you for all that you do to support your child’s First Steps in learning!

Ginny Workstus

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