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April Pre-K Newsletter

Wow, Can you believe it's April! Goodbye winter, hello spring! I hope some nice weather is around the corner, and the cold is behind us.

The first week of the month we will study colors and the rainbow. Monday will be red, Tuesday is orange, Wednesday is yellow, Thursday is green and Friday is blue. Each day we will do fun activities that correlate with the color. We will also look at what happens when we mix the colors and will make a giant rainbow!
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We will be talking about different types of weather (rain, wind, snow, sun, and clouds). We will look at different kinds of weather and classify the characteristics of each weather condition. Since precipitation is a big part of a weather study, we will learn about the water cycle, evaporation, condensation, precipitation, and collection. We will also do a cloud study, look at the clouds, learn their scientific terms, and use describing words such as fluffy or mashed potato-like. Warm and cold temperatures are other scientific terms that we will be discussing. Additionally, we’ll start a weather journal that we will use throughout the rest of the year. We will catalog the weather conditions daily by marking a calendar with a sticker according what it is like outside.

First Steps Day Care newsletter graphic imageThis month we will talk about spring! The weather will be changing and this will be the perfect time to discuss what spring changes are happening. We will talk about the cycle of the tree: buds to leaves, and the growth of flowers. We will look at spring colors, take many spring nature walks, and enjoy the fresh spring air.

Enjoy the season of spring, and have a wonderful month of April. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask: or 679-6301


Warm Wishes,

“Miss Jessica” LaFera


April Preschool Newsletter

Spring has finally arrived after a long winter of coats, hats, snow pants, boots, and mittens!  We worked so hard to learn how to dress ourselves to go outside to play.  Now we look forward to plenty of sunshine, warmer temperatures and the ease of going outside to play in lightweight coats and sweatshirts!
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We begin the month observing colors!  We will enjoy wearing the color of the day – Monday – red, Tuesday – orange, Wednesday- yellow, Thursday- green, Friday- blue!  We will experiment with colors, noticing the changes that happen when we mix colors together.  Next we will look towards the sky, noticing the different types of clouds we see and making connections to our weather.  What does a shower bring?  Mud of course!  We will study soil and what happens to it when it gets saturated with water.  We will expand our environmental study to include what we observe around us!  We will notice life cycles as we note the early growth of trees, pussy willows, forsythia, daffodil bulbs, and other early sprouts that begin to peek their pretty spring-green shoots up out of the ground.  We will celebrate Earth Day, learning the importance of recycling and keeping our world clean.  Uncle Rock sings it best: “There is no away.  Everything you throw in the trash goes somewhere else insFirst Steps Day Care newsletter graphic imagetead.”   Letters we will introduce this month are: E/e, A/a, G/g and D/d.

Please note that our spring parent- teacher conferences are scheduled for Tuesday morning, May 13 and Wednesday afternoon, May 14.  There will be a sign-up and you will receive more information about this as we get closer to that time.  During these conferences, I look forward to sharing your child’s portfolio of work and speaking with each of you about the growth we have observed this year!  Please remember that I am happy to speak with you anytime you have questions or concerns about your child, or email me at


Happy Spring!

Ginny Workstus

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